Who Is Ravished Heart?

I am a wonderer. No one sees me for who I am. I am invincible to those men who came to my lands to take the only thing I knew in life, earth. We don’t claim earth. She is her own. We give thanks for mother earth. Claiming it for his own, as if he were the first one there, finding glory in no other name but his own.

Our people sit in awe, we don’t understand this type of gestures. We give of ourselves whole heartedly yet they take more than they need. GREED! Beware. Unaware. We sit in awe.

Ravished Heart I call myself. Who is to understand.

I search for myself. Who am I? I am an unknown even to myself I don’t fit in. This site is dedicated to the strength we need to find as Native American’s.  We need to learn and understand that we have a strong history, talents, knowledge and culture that spans the test of time.

It is within us. This desire to find out who we are and what we can do to bring peace and hope back to our homes. It’s our destiny. We may have been almost wiped off the face of this planet due to diseases and war but those of us who remain must live on for our people, for the future generations, our prosperity.

As in the old ancient ways, we find can learn about ourselves through chants and songs. This is how we live on, this is how we share our legacy with others.

Come and embrace the Oyate music and way of life as we search our souls to find meaning in this new world in which we live.